Chapter One: Shadowcasters – Abductors

Carla was just arriving at her coastal home when the rain started pouring down in torrential sheets. She was looking forward to getting inside, taking her drenched clothing off and soaking in a wonderful hot bath. As she placed the key in the lock of the front door, the dog started barking as she often did when someone was at the front door. Carla entered the foyer and pulled off her soaking wet coat and hat, while Sammy jumped up on her jeans trying to catch her attention.

“Yes, you’re a good doggie!” she said in her baby talk voice as she hung up her wet clothes and began walking to the bathroom completely natural. Sammy trailed behind her as she drew the water and turned on the CD player to listen to one of her favorite albums. The bath was very rapid filling. That is one important point that she had demanded when she had the house built. The bath tub must fill very rapidly so I don’t have to wait to get in. She tested the temperature with her left foot. Perfect! “This is going to feel grand” she thought. As she laid in the tub, Sammy hung his head over the rim and started lapping up the water. He knew that after she started using the soap or shampoo, the water was not good to drink, so he always got in his licks early. Carla eased back and let her head rest on the back of the tub. She could feel her muscles relaxing as the music was on the 3 song of the CD.

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Shadowcaster – The Abductors Chapter One: A Killer in the Bathroom

He reached into his right front pocket and pulled out the device. It was time to go and he knew it. Quickly, he set the dimensional parameters, and looked over his left shoulder. They would soon be coming around the corner and would terminate his life. Mareek pressed the initiator and within a quatum, his form first appeared as though made of water, then with a blue flash, disappeared into the next hyperdimension.

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I’ve messed up my entries and will be making amends this evening as time allows.  I’ll attempt to transfer comments to my posts now that I’ve found this is where they go.  Stay tuned.

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Science fiction; Abductors, time travel, and dimensional warps

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