Mareek was tired.  Every time that he transitioned, it took something out of him.  The device was a gift.  A special gift given to him three years ago from his uncle Fasal, in Saudi Arabia.  He had told him to use it wisely, and not for bad.  Allah had blessed his uncle with the device when he was a close friend of King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud during World War II.  He helped ship oil to the United States to help them with the War.  During this time, Fasal stumbled upon the device when he was traveling to the United States through the recently freed Nazi Protectorate of Morracco after the November, 1942 invasion that pushed the Axis out.  It was sold to him by a merchant in the Tangier market place.  It was only a few days later that Fasal discovered the true purpose of the device.

It looked like a pocket watch with 4 different dials on the face, a large fob on the right side and a sliding pin that ran vertically between the 2 pair of dials.  Each dial could be set at different settings of symbols by twisting the outside plate that held each crystal.  As Fasal discovered, the first two dials were for the setting of the location that you wanted to go, and the second two dials controlled the time.  The symbols didn’t really match our longitude and latitude system, but after a couple of attempts, he figured out where home was and had marked it with green paint on the back of the device.  When Mareek accepted the gift, Fasal had already placed the symbols on the back for the location of Mareek’s home.  It was an amazing device because it never let you transition unless the coordinates were to a location that was open and safe.  Some how it’s creators had been able to make it so it detected dangerous points to transition to, and it would just not work for those numbers.  It would not transition you to inside a concrete or stone wall, or out into any body of water such as the ocean or a lake, or on some precarious location such as a cliff or mountain top, unless you could go there first and prepare a “landing”.  That had to be an area atleast 9 foot by 9 by 9 foot cubbed that was completely open with a flat base, no extreme temperatures or wind gusts over 25 miles per hour.  The device was quite safe except for one thing.  It didn’t detect dangerous locations being produced by mankind.  It could transport you into the middle of a no-man’s zone in a battle field, or into the middle of a mine field.  For some reason, it could detect streets and highways so it wouldn’t send you there.

During the War, Fasal had used the device for many secret trips to help the Allies.  He had developed a book with the coordinates and names of the locations that he also presented to Mareek.  The device could travel either a head or back in time as well.  However, the amount of time difference was limited.  It couldn’t take you back centuries or sling you a head by centuries.  But it could take you ahead or back a couple of years.  The going forward was possible theoretically by physics introduced by Albert Einstein with his Special Theory of Relativity.  However, going back in time was thought impossible, even in Dr. Einstein’s day because of the conflict with the space-time continnum.  Kurt Godel, one of Einstein’s associates had come close to finding the secret of traveling back into time, but the creator of this device had it down to a fine art.

Mareek decided it was time to transition to his home base.  He dialed up the coordinates and transitioned right to the center of his bedroom.  He placed the device in the lockbox, spun the tumblers, closed the top drawer of his dresser, and fell back into bed.  There was a knock on his door; a voice said; “Mareek? It’s time for your medication.”


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