Inspector Hardaway was looking through the door at the bathroom, when Detective Bowers spoke;

“Seeing anything interesting Jack?”

“Oh, hell-o Will.  No, nothing yet.  One thing though, we can’t find any signs of breaking in or entry.  It’s as if he just appeared.  The bathroom window was open, but there’s no finger prints, and no foot prints in the dirt outside.  The dirt is soft and well turned over from the construction so we should be able to see something if the perp entered through that window.”

“Have you checked the neighbors?  Have they seen anything strange?” Detective Bowers asked.

“Yes, and No.  Yes – we’ve asked both sides and the back neighbors.  And No.  No one had seen anything unusual.  Just another day in paradise, I guess.”

“Who was the victim? She make any enemies?”

“Her name was Carla Weaton, 48 years of age.  Single, wealthy.  Worked part-time at the local hospital as an administrator.  Use to work full-time until about 2 years ago came into a lot of money.  Scaled back her job responsibilities, built this new house, and traveled a lot.”

“Was she ever married or have a close relationship?”

“Never married.  We don’t know about relationships.  That needs to be researched.  Comeon Will, we just got here 2 hours ago.”

“Sorry, just trying to get as much info as there is.  I’ll do so looking around.  Maybe at her job I can get some more information.  Well, it looks like things are almost wrapped-up here.  With that, the Medical Examiner’s van opened it back doors, and they began to remove the body for further investigation.

Detective Bowers clicked his pen, and folded his notebook, placing both in his breast pocket.  Sammy came slowly up to the Detective and he gave him a little pat on the head.

“If only you could talk.  I bet you could tell us a couple of things that we don’t know about your master.  They’ll take good care of you and find someone to take you in.  The bassett hound looked up with such sorrowful eyes, that he could barely keep the tears back.  Will had a soft spot for animals and he wanted to be sure this poor dog found a good home.


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