Shadowcaster – The Abductors

The photographer was just beginning to take his second set of shots.  Usually, they took a first set before any thing was disturbed then waited until all the evidence had been tagged and bagged, or identified with numbers and left where they were found.  The body was still in the bathtub, eyes staring straight ahead and opened very wide.  The mouth was open, with a small bruse on the left side of the mouth that was half filled with water.  The Tongue was purple indicating cyanosis, always a sign of asphyxiation.  Her arms were on the sides, with no evidence of resistence; no broken nails, blood or other tissue under the nails, or scratches.  However, samples would still be taken for analysis; maybe they’d get a break.  A towel was wadded-up in the corner by the door, with no evidence of blood or tissues to the naked eye.  The killer may have used it after drowning the victim, so it was placed in a bag for later analysis.  No finger prints were found on the door knob, so the killer probably wiped it clean with the towel.  The window to the bathroom was open, so finger printing was being done to that to check for entrance evidence. 

The body was found by a part-time housekeep that came very early, every Tuesday.  She had let herself in when there was no answer, began to clean the living room when she noticed the dog Sammy seemed to be really upset.  He kept going back and forth from the living room to the hall that led to the bathroom.  Finally, the housekeeper followed the dog and found the body, calling the police immediately.


About shadowcaster29

physician, artist, gov. administrator, inventor, and writer.
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